Jonathon Christian Photography


JONATHON CHRISTIAN PHOTOGRAPHY IS THE Dallas based studio for photographer Jonathon Abdul.


Jonathon Christian Abdul is an American wedding photographer, based in Dallas, TX.  He was born in Florida, and spent most of life with his toes in the sand, only to be drawn to Texas for a job opportunity in the Networking field.  Despite being in I/T, he spent much of his life trying to figure out what it was that he was really passionate about.  In photography, Jon found that passion.

Jonathon Christian Photography is a full service wedding and portrait studio.  I have a number of tools at my disposal, as well as other photographers in my rolodex that can help me properly document your day.  I can also help simplify the flow of the day for you, as well as make recommendations on various parts of the process, if needed.  My goal is to make things as easy (and as least stressful) as possible for the lucky couple.

It took me a long time to arrive at this place in life.  Taking photos is a passion that I had been subconsciously subduing for the better part of my life.  My first camera was a Polaroid.  I can only wish that I still had some of those early photos so that I can see how far I've personally come in my craft.  I hope to keep doing this forever; to keep creating and capturing those moments for people, so that they can see their beauty through my eyes.

I'm available for local weddings in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas, in addition to destination weddings around the globe, depending on availability.

Now booking through 2020.