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Studio Updates

Studio updates.

Allison and Kyle Tie the Knot.


I met Allison and Kyle at a Starbucks, some months ago. Allison’s maid of honor is a friend, who put us in touch. I remember hearing their story and thinking how romantic it was, to see two people that just knew they belonged together from the beginning.

Coming home to edit their engagement session, it was even more evident how in love they were. I could tell this was going to be an easy wedding to shoot, because they are just so natural with one another. Sometimes when posing couples, things look forced or awkward. There was nothing awkward about them. Maybe a little goofy, but everyone loves goofy.


On September 8, 2018, my team and I arrived at THE SPRINGS in Weatherford, TX, only to be met with unwelcome precipitation. They say rain is good luck on a wedding day. By the end of that evening, I’d agree that luck was on our side, as the wedding was a shining success.

Due to the weather, the ceremony had to be moved inside. It wasn’t ideal, because the venue was so beautiful, but the show must go on. Nothing was going to stop this day from being perfect. Right before it was about to begin, Allison approached me to do a “no look” with her husband to be. I wasn’t prepared, but I grabbed my team and went to look for the groom. We positioned them each on the corner of the venue, to take each other’s hand one last time before they become husband and wife.


The ceremony was beautiful. It went off without a hitch. The inside of the venue was almost as beautiful as the outside. All we needed was two happy people, and a room full of friends and family that love them. Afterwards, we were in luck. The rain had let up enough to grab some photos outside where the ceremony was supposed to take place. The light was perfect. The couple was happy. Their family was glowing along side them.

As a romantic, what I love about this business is witnessing the emotional and spiritual union of two people in love. Since I was little, the concept of falling in love and starting a family, was something I had always dreamed of. Every day that I show up to work, I get to be a part of that for others. I get to capture moments they only get to have once. Allison and Kyle, are a perfect example of what makes my job easy. I’m proud to have been a part of their day, and to call them my friends. I wish them nothing but health and happiness, as they embark on a life full of love and excitement.